How to rank Fiverr gig on the first page – The Best Guide 2024

Fiverr is one of the biggest online marketplaces for digital services. It has 3.42 Million active users each year and this number is increasing exponentially. Most people think that fiverr is a $5 marketplace and it is very cheap. But this is not true. I have seen hundreds of people who are making six figures monthly income from fiverr as full-time freelancers. In this article, I will explain how to rank Fiverr gig on first page.

How to rank fiverr gig on first page: The Best guide

Starting on fiverr can be frustrating because you have no idea of how to get orders. Unlike other platforms fiverr is not based on the proposal submission process to get jobs. Buyers search for the services they need and buy the gigs they are interested in.

It is a general misconception that success on fiverr is by luck but this is not the fact. Success on fiverr depends on your gig ranking. If your gig is top-ranked and you are on the first page of fiverr search. When someone searches keywords related to your gig. Your gig will pop up on the first page and more buyers will be able to see your gig and this will result in a greater number of buyers for you.

Here is the best guide for how to rank Fiverr gig on the first page

The short and sweet answer to fiverr success is GIG Ranking. If your gig is ranked on fiverr you are the KING. Now we know the main factors that are needed to be successful on fiverr but how can we rank our own gig on the first page. In this article, I will explain the complete process which you can follow to rank the fiverr gig on the first page.

Niche Selection and keyword reaearch.

It all starts with the fiverr gig creation process and it is the most important phase. The primary asset on fiverr is your gig.

Less competitive niche selection

And the first step should be niche selection. Fiverr is a very competitive marketplace and there are thousands of sellers trying to sell their services and they are already ranked on the first page so it can be really hard to beat your competitors on fiverr and get your gig ranked on the first page.

You should be looking for a less competitive niche that has fewer sellers and a higher number of buyers. For example, in a graphic designing niche, there is a huge number of buyers and also there is a huge number of sellers. I have seen some categories where there are more than 100k gigs and ranking your gig in this niche is almost impossible. So you should be looking for a niche where there is less competition.

Here is the list of 5 easy freelance gigs for college students to get started.

Keyword research

Once you have selected your niche next step is keyword research. The keyword is one of the most crucial ranking factors on fiverr. Here again, you should be looking for a less competitive keyword that has a higher search volume but fewer gigs because ranking in a less competitive keyword is much easier than a high competition keyword.

Let’s follow an example of a WordPress gig. For example, I am trying to sell WordPress services on fiverr. WordPress is also a competitive category on fiverr and raking in the WordPress niche is almost impossible. Because if you search for WordPress website design keyword on fiverr it shows 113k+ results.

fiverr search results
Fiverr Search Results

Now we should try to find a keyword that has less competition and fewer gigs.

To find related keywords in the WordPress category should look for fiverr suggested keywords under the fiverr search bar.

fiverr search 1

You can also do keyword research using a tool called which can give you ideas of what people are searching for on fiverr. Once you search a keyword it will provide you a list of the other related keywords in that specific niche. You can filter out some keywords and then analyze those keywords in a fiverr search. keywords

The next step is to analyze these keywords in fiverr search to check which keyword has a less number of gigs and a high number of order. You should make an excel sheet to track all the keywords for the number of gigs and the number of orders those gigs have.

Let’s take an example of the keyword “woocommerce website” keyword. It has 4.5k gigs related to this search and the first 8 gigs In this category have 3-5 orders in queue. It means this is a less competitive keyword with fewer gigs and a good number of orders. You can use this keyword to rank your gig. You can put more effort and find more optimized keywords for your niche.

Related keywords

Once you have selected your main keyword you should select 5 related keywords in the same category. The best method to find related keywords is to find common related tags in your competitor’s gigs. Once you open a gig you can find related keywords at the bottom of the page under reviews.

fiverr related tags 2
Fiverr Related Tags

You should select the 5 most used keywords from your competitor’s gigs.

Gig creation

Now comes the actual gig creation process on fiverr.

Gig title

Gig title should represent what service you are offering. It is one of the first things buyers will read and it should be short and concise. You should be using your main keyword in the gig title for better search rankings.

Gig Description

Gig description describes the scope of your service. This is where you can explain to buyers why you are the best among competitors. And you can win buyers’ confidence and push them to place orders on your gig. You should check what your competitors are writing in the gig description but make sure you do not copy them because copying will not help you in any case. You should describe your service completely and try to answer the questions buyers will have in their minds. Make sure it is professional and error-free.

You should be using your main keyword 5-6 times in your gig description for ranking purposes.

You should also add faqs. Here you can add all the simple questions buyers can ask. You can also add the related services you are offering.

Description and FAQ 585x750 1
Image is taken from:

Gig images.

You should not copy your gig featured image. You should try to make it yourself and try to keep it simple and catchy. You get a professional gig image from Freepik and customize it to your needs. You should use your gig title as an image title also as It impacts the rankings.

If possible, you should try to use a gig video as Fiverr ranks gigs having videos better than other gigs.

Gig Pricing

This totally experimental. Talking about my experience increasing gig prices can sometimes help. Gigs having higher prices are ranked better in fiverr. Again, you can try increasing and decreasing prices to see if it really impacts your rankings.

Now your gig creation step is complete.

Get your first order as soon as possible.

Getting your first order can be very difficult as you have no work experience and buyers cannot trust you because you have no reviews on your gig. You can get your first order by submitting buyer requests daily. There are chances that you will get an order but it is very difficult. Rather than wasting your time on getting you should buy a fake review. It can act as a head start as you are getting your first order quickly and Fiverr will rank your gig better.

There are many Facebook groups where you can find guys who will provide you fake reviews. you can also ask your friends to buy your service and write feedback on your gig. If your profile has a positive rating you will have greater chances of getting more orders.

Stay Online 24/7

Staying online can help you get more orders. As on fiverr buyers are looking for quick service and they are trying to contact sellers who are online at the time they are searching. And fiverr also states that the more time you are spending on the fiverr website there are more chances that your gig will be ranked.

I know staying online 24/7 is impossible for you. You can use an auto refresher to maintain your status online all the time.

Promote your gig outside fiverr

Traffic from other sources can boost your gig ranking. You should share your gig on your social media platforms. You should join your niche-specific group and share your gig there. It is because fiverr wants you to promote your services outside fiverr and gigs getting traffic from social media are ranked better. You can also use forums like Quora and Reddit to promote your gig. Where you can answer questions about your niche and paste your gig URL in those answers.

Initially, if you have some external clients you can share your gig with them and ask them to place an order. This way you can start building your fiverr profile with some reviews.

Now when you start getting message’s from clients and your gig has started getting impressions, now begins the step of maintaining your gig.

Increase conversion rate

Conversion rate means how many buyers sending you messages end up placing orders on your gig. Here your communication skills will matter a lot. Communicating better will help you gain more orders. Once your conversion rate is high fiverr algorithm will automatically start boosting your gig rankings. You can check your conversion rate in the fiverr mobile app.

Regularly complete orders

Fiverr loves active sellers. You should be active on your profile and complete orders regularly. Getting regular orders and completing those will help you rank your gig better.


No factor is more important than the number of reviews on your gigs. More number of reviews gives buyers confidence that your services are top-notch. You can always ask your buyer for writing a review once you have completed your order. Make sure you do not ask for a positive review as it is against fiverr policy and you can get a warning for this. Most of the fiverr sellers have a 4.8 to 5.0 average star rating and it is a good number. Getting a 5-star review on every order should be your topmost priority.

Higher average selling rate

Average selling rate means the average order value on your gig. You should keep an eye on your average selling rate. As fiverr loves orders with a higher value as they gain more profits from these orders and the fiverr algorithm will show your gig to clients who have a high budget. You should be maintaining this as changing the average selling rate can be very difficult when you have few hundred orders on the gig. I think the average selling rate should be $50+.

When I started my average selling rate was $30 and it was impacting my gig rankings. Then I had to work very hard to increase it and  I stopped doing low-value orders.

Returning buyer/ loyal clients

If you have a good percentage of buyers who are loyal to you and keep buying your gigs again and again, fiverr will show a badge on your profile that this user has an exceptional number of returning buyers. This leaves a good impression on new buyers and they will end up placing more orders on your gig. If you have a higher percentage of loyal customers it means that your service is of top quality and it encourages fiverr to rank your gig on the top page.


Like other search engines fiverr algorithm keep changing very often so there is no straightforward way to rank your gigs on fiverr. As gig ranking is dependent on several factors. But I am sure if you follow the above-mentioned practices you will surely beat your competitors and rank your fiverr gig on the first page.

If you have any questions about fiverr I would love to help. Post your questions in the comments section.

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