Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared & Tested 2023

You will find yourself looking for the best WordPress hosting as a novice WordPress website/blog owner. Web hosting is one of the essential elements of every successful website yet is frequently disregarded.

Selecting the ideal WordPress hosting plan for your requirements will boost your SEO and boost revenue. Free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting are just a few of the several types of hosting solutions that are accessible.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

You must conduct some research on the best WordPress hosting options if you’re considering starting your own WordPress website or blog. It’s crucial to pick the best WordPress hosting company for your website. The security and health of your website will depend on the hosting company you choose.

The question is, how do you pick the best WordPress hosting for your website? You could check out every service provider and run your own testing. Alternatively, you may choose the best providers right here and spare yourself the hassle.

We’ve assessed and evaluated some of the most well-liked and fastest WordPress hosting setup configurations, and we’re bringing out our results here. In this way, we will assist you in selecting the top WordPress hosting for your website in this article.

Which Things To Consider When Selecting A WordPress Hosting Company?

The top five criteria to consider when selecting a WordPress hosting are Security, Uptime, Customer Assistance, WordPress Specific Services, and Upgrade Choices for the future.

Security: All the security features to protect your data and the data of your clients from breaches should be provided by a high-quality supplier.

Uptime: To avoid expensive downtime for your business, select a WordPress hosting company that offers the highest uptime guarantees.

Customer Assistance: Some WordPress hosting companies prioritize customer service, providing round-the-clock availability and prompt replies to inquiries and issues.

Upgrade Choices: Working with a WordPress hosting company that can support your website’s growth at every stage is important if you intend to expand it over time.

WordPress Specific Services: You must select WordPress-specific hosting if you want to make sure that your hosting company can provide a full range of services specifically designed for hosting WordPress websites.

Which attributes make the best WordPress hosting?

The three most crucial aspects that make WordPress hosting the best are summarized below. You should be kept these in mind no matter which host you select:

  1. Fast page loading is usually under 890 ms.
  2. Minimum average uptime of 99.93%.
  3. Proper customer service should be available to answer your queries about WordPress.

In a Rush?

If you must decide quickly, just look at the section below, which contains our hand-picked list of the best WordPress hosting providers. When it comes to quality and customer support, these companies rank among the best WordPress hosting providers in the market.

1. SiteGround is one of the few WordPress hosting providers that officially endorses. It provides you with simple-to-use tools while setting up your website and has an environment designed to host WordPress sites of any size and type.

2. Bluehost is a wonderful choice for anybody seeking a cheap web hosting provider with a straightforward user interface. Its builder integrates WordPress for flexible content management that making it one of the top WordPress hosting packages.

3. DreamHost has high performance and a solid reputation making it suitable for you if you are looking for a web hosting provider recommended by WordPress.

Our recommendations for the best and fastest WordPress Hosting

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. Kinsta
  4. Hostinger
  5. InMotion
  6. DreamHost
  7. WPEngine
  8. HostGator
  9. A2 Hosting

SiteGround – Our top Choice

A great option for any new WordPress website, SiteGround is one of the few WordPress hosting providers that officially endorses. In addition to providing you with simple-to-use tools while setting up your website, SiteGround has an environment designed to host WordPress sites of any size and type.

All ratings of SiteGround’s customer service are excellent, and live chat and phone assistance are offered around the clock.


  • Straightforward WordPress setup
  • Free website switching between two hosts
  • Improve loading times by using WordPress SuperCacher to cache your website three levels deep.
  • WordPress staging with a single click to create a staged version of your site for editing before going live
  • SiteGround Optimizer plugin for WordPress performance and greater optimizations


  • The customer service offered by SiteGround is among the best.
  •  The knowledgeable staff at SiteGround can help you with WordPress, WordPress hosting concerns, and more. Telephone, internet chat, and social media conversations with knowledgeable representatives are all available.


  • We found the SiteGround control panel fairly plain; an upgrade would be absolutely encouraged.


Bluehost is a smart choice for anybody seeking a cheap web hosting provider with a straightforward user interface. The WordPress hosting company offers choices for both professional users and casual customers.

The fact that Bluehost’s new website builder integrates WordPress for flexible content management is one of the factors that make it one of the top WordPress hosting packages.

One of the attention-grabbing facts about BlueHost is its minimum commitment which is twelve months with a robust money-back guarantee.


Bluehost has everything you require to launch a WordPress website, including:

– Templates for websites

– Analytics software

– Promotional tools

– Automatically updating security

– 24/7 client assistance


  • Having a support staff available around the clock and having some WordPress expertise.
  • The hardware powering each design is durable and scales effectively.
  • Advanced security measures offered by Bluehost include daily malware and vulnerability checks.
  • A free Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup is provided with each subscription.
  • ManageWP is fully supported.


  • Support lines might get a little lengthy.
  • Long loading times for pages.


Kinsta focuses on the plans tailored specifically for use with WordPress. These plans are also completely managed, so you may set up and maintain your website with little involvement from you.

Kinsta is a cloud WordPress hosting service, hence it lacks a data center and servers of its own. Instead, all of its programmers are supported by the same infrastructure that Google uses to power its own products—the premium tier of the Google Cloud Platform.


Kinsta offers a suitable number of things to offer. This comprises:

  • A personalized dashboard where you may see site metrics and statistics.
  • Automatic daily backups and the choice to manually back up your website.
  • A place where you may evaluate modifications to your website.
  • Free transfers from SiteGround, Flywheel, and other hosts.
  • Simple SSL certificate.
  • Security features, including uptime checks and firewalls for the Google Cloud.
  • Access to your website using Secure Shell (SSH) for development purposes.
  • CDN capacity is included through KeyCDN.


  • Numerous both standard and latest features.
  • Optimization, functionality, and support tailored to WordPress.
  • Powered by the top tier of Google Cloud Platform.
  • Several performance improvements, including the option of 20 worldwide data centers.


  • When it comes to WordPress hosting, even the Starter plan is on the more expensive side and might not be affordable for everyone.

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Hostinger was founded in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. When it comes to the finest WordPress hosting, Hostinger is a very enticing option due to its entry-level cost. You may create one website and receive up to 10,000 visitors every month for $1.99. Additionally, you get a free SSL and one email address.

You may take advantage of a few WordPress-specific features from Hostinger as well. You don’t need to perform a lot of your own maintenance after WordPress is up and running.

Over 29 million users in 178 nations are currently served by their hosting services. They assert that they average 15,000 signups every day, or one new customer every five seconds.


For WordPress blogs, Hostinger offers specialized solutions with strong features like:

  • WordPress testing staging tool
  • Automatic updates for WordPress
  • Utilizing a malware scanner to find dangerous files
  • Easy site migration using an auto migration tool
  • Themes and plugins loaded in advance for a speedier setup


  • Cheapest hosting available
  • Excellent client service
  • Install WordPress with a single click, get a free domain, and use several datacenters


  • No regular backups


InMotion is one of the established hosts for WordPress websites. The wonderful part about it is that you receive SSD drive space without having to pay anything more (SSDs are known for their superior performance compared to other hard disc technologies).

Additionally, this package allows you to build 2 websites and includes a free SSL certificate.


InMotion hosting provides WordPress-specific services and tools for top-tier performance and client satisfaction. A few of the characteristics of the web host are as follows:

  • Compared to other web providers, premium hosting is up to 12 times quicker.
  • Automatic updates for WordPress
  • Protection against viruses and hacking Free SSD storage
  • Unrestricted capacity
  • Drag and drop most WordPress themes with BoldGrid Builder
  • Free WordPress themes
  • WordPress Command Line Interface support for experienced users


  • Provides newcomers with a respectable selection of WordPress-specific functionality.
  • Offers a responsive support staff that is familiar with common WordPress problems.
  • Of the least expensive WordPress hosting accessible and offers reasonable pricing.


  • Contains a few enhancements that improve performance.


The ideal WordPress hosting solution might not be DreamHost. It still makes our list, due to its excellent reputation and high performance, which makes it dependable for anyone looking for a web hosting provider that is officially recommended by WordPress.

Despite offering a number of standard hosting packages, the host’s WordPress-specific features make it stand out more.


Although the provider offers a number of standard hosting packages, its WordPress-specific features, such as:

  • WordPress support from within
  • Free Domain
  • Zero-cost SSL certificates
  • Automatic backups
  • Free hosting for email accounts


  • For managed hosting accounts, DreamHost offers top-notch customer service.
  • The DreamHost website, your account’s control panel, ticket submissions, and online live chats all offer direct access to the support staff even though you can’t call them directly.


  • There are no servers located outside of the US.


Managed hosting is a choice to take into consideration if you want to make sure that your website is optimized, safe, and fast loading without doing a lot of the work yourself. WP Engine is one of the leading providers of managed WordPress hosting.

Their simple hosting provides lightning-quick and powerful servers that can manage everything. You feel like a royal because of their outstanding customer service and virtually hacker-proof website.

WPEngine is like having a team of WordPress specialists by your side.


Quite a number of WordPress-specific capabilities are available through its service, such as:

  • Migrations from your former host quickly and easily.
  • An essential security step is a free Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificate.
  • Assistance in creating staging areas.
  • Several alternatives for tracking and diagnosing performance.


  • Simplifies the website management procedure.
  • Delivers reliable performance.
  • Provides a wealth of qualified and devoted support.


  • Won’t be affordable for everyone.
  • Only provides shared server-managed hosting (or dedicated servers on the custom plans).

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HostGator is well known for its inexpensive WordPress hosting plans and stellar uptime ratings. As part of its managed WordPress hosting services for small businesses and bloggers, it also provides conventional and cloud hosting options.

It’s affordable enough that you may start hosting a website for just $2.75 per month. And yes, there is a ton of customer service available, as well as a live chat facility you may use whenever you choose. A free domain name and free SSL certification are also available.


Among HostGator’s standout attributes are:

  • All plans include free WordPress migrations.
  • A variety of WordPress themes via Mojo Marketplace Services for one-click backup and restore
  • Gratuitous SSL certificates
  • Free Domain
  • Plugin for WordPress SuperCache


  • Well-optimized for WordPress users.
  • Simplifies the website management procedure.
  • Provides good, reliable performance.
  • Provides a wealth of qualified and devoted help.


  • Only provides shared server-managed hosting (or dedicated servers on the custom plans).

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most expensive WordPress web hosts accessible, but it doesn’t stop it from being in our list of the top WordPress hosting companies. A2 Hosting enables consumers to pay for services on a monthly basis.

It also provides hassle-free termination of WordPress hosting at any moment. Although A2 Hosting offers managed WordPress hosting plans specifically for the platform, the content management system is compatible with all of the company’s hosting packages, including shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.


The following features of A2 Hosting’s comprehensive WordPress hosting options include:

  • 24-hour customer service and a free SSL certificate
  • Auto-installing WordPress
  • Worldwide servers
  • Settings that have been pre-configured for maximum speed and security
  • Premium WordPress plugins for e-commerce sites, forums, blogs, and social networking with speed up to 20 times faster than average


  • Exceedingly high rates of speed. Without a doubt, this is among the quickest web hosts we’ve ever used.
  • A comprehensive help center for WordPress users.
  • A responsive support staff that is courteous and knowledgeable about WordPress
  • Free migration utilities


  • They cost a little more than some other shared hosting options for beginners.

A Brief Summary for Comparison

It’s time to choose which of the top WordPress hosting providers is best for your company now that you have seen a performance comparison of them.

For your convenience, we have put up a table with a list of features that compares the top WordPress hosting providers side by side.

Name of HostingStarting CostAllowed TrafficUptimeLoad TimeBest UseRatingMoney Back
SiteGround$2.9910,000 visits/month99.99%364 msfor managed WordPress4.830 days
Bluehost$2.75unmetered99.98%416 msBest for small businesses and online shops430 days
Kinsta$29.1725,000 visits/month99.74%232 mssuitable for small- to medium-sized company websites4.830 days
Hostinger$1.39100 GB99.97%308 msBudget-friendly WordPress hosting options3.730 days
InMotion$3.49unmetered99.97%318 msFor High traffic-generating websites490 days
DreamHost$2.59unmetered99.84%335 msFaster WordPress hosting430 days
WP Engine$19.0025,000 visits/month100%1130 msFor well-managed hosting4.560 days
HostGator$2.75unmetered99.99%1250 msFor small businesses  and blogging4.545 days
A2 Hosting$2.99unmetered99.99%288 msBest for all from small to larger companies3.9Anytime

Comparison Table for Best WordPress Hosting

FAQS: Best WordPress Hosting

Which are some of the best WordPress hosting available for developers?

SiteGround offers the best WordPress hosting for developers. In addition to numerous useful pre-built features like out-of-the-box caching and security, they also include a number of strong developer tools.

Such tools include WP-CLI, Staging, Git access, the ability to white-label dashboards for clients, on-demand website backup copies, free CDN, and an easy site migration tool.

Another excellent fast WordPress hosting option for developers on a budget is Hostinger. Developers frequently choose WP Engine if they want a truly managed WordPress hosting experience for big projects where cost is not an issue.


As said, it is critical to select the best WordPress hosting provider for your requirements. Each host has advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, performance—the extent to which people can access your website—is what counts.

WordPress hosting is available in a variety of configurations and plans. You may elevate your websites to new heights by being aware of your website’s requirements, your spending limitations, and the options provided by each of the best hosting providers on our list.

When it comes to security solutions, SiteGround is quite powerful. They respond swiftly whenever a new WordPress vulnerability is found and a fix has to be made available usually done on the same day. As of 2022, it is the best WordPress hosting available.

If your website is your business that you cannot afford to have any host issues. In this situation, you should give managed WordPress hosting a try, and in particular, Kinsta, one of the top managed WordPress hosting options available. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s the best option for a growing website, an online store, a well-known magazine with lots of traffic, or those who just want to prevent future issues.

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