Binance: Waqar Zaka Binance Bitcoin Controversy. Explained.

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Today we will have a look at the events of Binance Bitcoin and Waqar Zaka. How Waqar Zaka Binance Controversy started and what really happened behind the scenes bitcoin and more. We will look at the response from the Waqar and his take on the story.

Waqar Zaka Binance:

Waqar Zaka is the first big face to stand in support of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan. He has been working before the crypto boom in the world and the bitcoin rocket boost. He intensified his awareness campaign after that and created a Facebook group to share his knowledge with people. Then he set subscription fees for his group which was more than 45k subscribers at one time.

Waqar Zaka Binance bitcoin
Waqar Zaka Private group.

As of now, there are 26k+ members in this group with per month subscription of 1250/- PKR only. Anyone can join Waqar Zaka Private group. Live trading sessions are from Monday to Friday at 2 PM, 10 PM and 12:30 AM according to local Pakistani time. Crypto Mining sessions are reserved for Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the trading sessions were happening through Binance so the Waqar zaka was dependent on this platform to trade. But recently a big thing happened in the live stream. The Waqar Zaka was trading as usual and was in profit. Suddenly his trade of around 1 million USD stuck and he couldn’t stop the trade.

Waqar Zaka Trade is stuck in the live stream.

Waqar zaka started the twitter trend with the hashtag #whatthebinance to expose it in front of the crypto community in the world. Waqar zaka had already listed his own currency @tenup on the other platform but refused to list on Binance due to this kind of scam from Binance. Waqar called on the crypto media to tell them about this scam.

Waqar Zaka working with Govt:

His efforts bore fruit and KPK government Pakistan understood the importance of crypto in Pakistan. Waqar zaka had already proved Crypto is not illegal in Pakistan according to the orders of the supreme court. The KPK provincial passed the legislation to build two hydroelectric-powered pilots “mining farms”. A minister is already working on a new government crypto policy. Waqar Zaka was asked to work on this initiative and work as a crypto expert. He confirmed this news in a tweet.

Waqar Zaka Binance Bitcoin Controversy:

An unofficial website from UK published a news of waqar being banned from the Binance for trying to scam the platform. However the website is not affiliated with the platform which can be confirmed from Binance Official website.

Waqar Zaka Binance bitcoin

News started trending on Pakistani Twitter and created chaos before it could be confirmed. A Twitter blue tick account confirmed the news is not true in a tweet.

A voice note of the capital TV also confirmed the news is untrue.

Waqar Zaka Binance Response:

Waqar zaka on the other hand was already tackling such news of him scamming for many days. He responded to haters as:

He laughed at the news of him being banned from Binance and investigated the source of the fake news. He also live-streamed to show he is clearly not banned from the platform and love to prove his haters wrong.

After proper research, He probably found the person who spread this fake news and has decided to go to court and pressing the charges of defamation. He shared that the article is removed from the website and now his team is in the FIA cybercrime office to file complaints against the people who spread this fake news and he will destroy everybody involved in this.


Waqar zaka is a crypto enthusiast and working for the awareness of it in Pakistan. He has a huge following in Pakistan and people are trying to defame him. He might have not had a good reputation in the past but now people follow him. Fake news is a real problem and it should be stopped through proper lawmaking.

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