Top Tech News Blog Sites of Pakistan: Blogger Websites

Information nowadays exists in abundance. Knowing top tech news blog sites and blogger websites is very difficult. Today, we will take a look at some best blog sites for students who are working to bring on-time science and technology news.

Top Tech News Blog Sites

Pro Pakistani:

Propakistani is one of the most trustworthy blogger websites for technology, business, and telecom news in Pakistan. They stand in the top tech news websites of Pakistan. They are working in many categories of news and media and delivering on-time information. They rank 9 in the category of News and Media which is very good looking at the competitive environment these days. They rank 99 in Pakistan which is their home country and ranked 29381 worldwide.

They have a huge audience of an average of 2.55 Million per month with an average visit duration of 2:02 minutes. They are also nailing it in the bounce-back rate which is 59.77%. The above-discussed data is real-time data gathered in July 2021.  If we talk about their reach then the Pakistan audience comprises more than 75% of the audience and a small amount of the audience from the USA, UK, and Europe. They don’t pay for paid keywords and work on organic traffic and are very successful in this.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites

Techjuice is one of the Tech blogger websites with the most of the focus on Technology, computers, electronics, and telecommunication. Their famous categories include Technology, Startups, Mobiles, Investments, and online earnings. They rank 24 in their category of Computer Electronics and telecommunication. This is very good but they are not performing well in Pakistani or global website ranking. They rank 2406 in Country rank and 317653 in global rank.

They manage to get about 200k organic traffic with more than 75% coming from Pakistan and the rest coming from other parts of the world. They have huge 65% search traffic and more than 30% direct traffic. They have more than 80% traffic bouncing back which is not great. The average duration of less than a minute needs more work. I think with proper management strategy they can grow more as technology has so much potential in Pakistan as people know very little about the technology.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites

Technology Times:

People behind Technology Times had more diverse ambitions for news blog sites, which is why they chose to explore many domains of science and technology rather than staying with few categories. Technology time is a small blog unlike the other two discussed above with a small monthly audience of 60k+. Even the domain authority of this website is not that great but It will be better than the other blogs we will discuss here.

They are ranked at 109 in more than one category of Science and technology. They have 12468 and 803586 in-country and global ranking respectively. They have a good average duration of more than a minute with a poor bounce-back rate of 83%. They have more than 50% traffic and others from other countries like India, America, and Europe, etc. The search is very strong as they have more than 80% traffic from searches.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites


Pakwired is an authentic source of technology news, entrepreneurial guidance, and industry research and startup advice. It has a comparatively lower ranking in its category. It has more monthly traffic than Technology Times. It ranks 775 in the category of Computer Electronics and Technology. It ranks 14349 in the country. The average monthly traffic is 122k+ with an average visit duration of less than a minute. This bounce-back rate is also high. But the website has a reach worldwide. More than 40% of its audience is from Pakistan, America and India. It beats others in direct search that is 86.59% and has 100% organic views. These are working hard on the search engine optimization of the website

top tech news blog sites blogger websites


Telecompk is a very simple and easy-to-navigate blog website. There is no official data available for the website but they are very consistent in blog upload. They are working hard and getting most of their audience from share links. They have more than 10000 likes on their Facebook page which boosts their search. One good thing about the blog is that it offers free information without having any ads. They are working as one of the news blog sites in Pakistan.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites


Startuppakistan is an ad-free authentic information startup-based blog website. It covers all kinds of startups and gives information about their decisions and policies. It is one of the unique blogs which is working on this domain which most of the businessman want to reach. It is a huge directory of more than 2000 articles and has more than 400k likes on Facebook. There is no official data is available about the website views but they are working for information purposes and do not seem to be working for profit.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites


Techpakistan is an affiliate website of Netsol technologies. Their aim is to empower people to engage with industry and connect them with modernized advancements. The website gives all information of the said Company. Salim Ghauri is the CEO of Netsol Technology. He aims to empower youth and is optimistic about what youth is doing. They enlist their services and are a very good source of technological information. They have also launched android and IOS applications to offer services more easily.

top tech news blog sites blogger websites


There are so many news and blogger websites and news blog sites in Pakistan. Above are few top blog sites for students that you should know if you are interested in technology news. Some of them have high-quality content with views in millions. Some have very good content but are not that popular. We should support these platforms as they bring us the latest information about science and technology in the country. Here’s are my views about these websites. What do you think about them and which one is your favourite and why? Don’t forget to comment and share this article. Please more of our exciting articles.

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