5 easy freelance jobs for college students

5 easy jobs for college students or beginners to start freelancing

As a college student, are you looking to make easy money while doing small freelancing jobs? If yes, I will help you with this and I have listed 5 easy freelance jobs for college students or beginners to start their freelancing career.

Working physically or doing a part-time job is not a viable solution as you have to manage your studies as well. And Starting Freelancing is the best solution for this.

If you are a college student it can be really hard to start freelancing as you have no skills in the first place, or even if you have skills you have very little work experience.

In this article, I will share the top 5 easy freelance jobs for college students which can help you make money online by doing easy freelance jobs which require little to no prior work experience. And later when are skilled enough and have work experience you can be a full-time freelancer and make tons of money.

5 easy freelance jobs for college students

List of easy freelance jobs for college students

Here are the jobs which you can consider…

Content writing

If you love to write content, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to make money online while doing content writing jobs. Content writing includes blog writing, social media writing, technical writing, essay writing, scriptwriting, etc. Most companies’ businesses, blogs, and influencers have websites but they do not have enough time to write content. You can take this extra work from them by writing content for their websites, blogs, or other publications. There are numerous websites that you can use to find content writing jobs like Fiverr and Upwork.

At the start, you will have low rates and with time, and experience if you keep getting good reviews you can make it a full-time career and you can earn even more.

Virtual assistant

This is one of the best high-demand and easy freelance jobs for college students that you can get into with no experience at all. If you have a computer and decent computer skills you are good to go.

A virtual assistant is basically any type of remote assistant who is focused on providing any kind of administrative, creative, technical, or any kind of support service for online businesses. Simply you will be performing tasks online for the people who are too busy to do this. Examples of tasks include scheduling, sending emails, answering phone calls, performing repetitive tasks, sending appointments, and other similar basic tasks.

There can never be a shortage of busy people who are looking to free up their time. This provides you an opportunity as a virtual assistant to make easy money working online.

Social media management

Most of the time you are on social media scrolling pages and reading content interacting with other people. You are wasting your time by doing this. Every company needs more and more interaction on the social media pages to grow and sell their services and they do not have time to manage their social media accounts as they have other important work to do. This is where you come in.

As a social media manager, you will be managing social media profiles, post content, interact with the followers and answer their queries. This is a really fun job to do and I know most of you are exceptionally good at this. So rather than wasting your time scrolling through the pages of your social media accounts you can do this job for other companies and businesses and earn money.

Proof reading and editing

If you love reading books or reading is your hobby then proofreading can be the job for you. Proofreading means, you will be reading content written by others and find mistakes in the content, and fix it. You will be reading book drafts, journals, assignments, and research work and find grammatical and contextual errors, and your job will be fixing those errors.

YouTube thumbnail designer

YouTube thumbnails are everything a YouTuber needs to get views and it helps users to decide which videos to click and watch. If a video has a better thumbnail than a similar video then the video with a catchy thumbnail will have more views.

YouTube states that 90% of videos have more views than have custom thumbnails and most of the YouTubers are not good at designing thumbnails and they look to outsource this work.

As a thumbnail designer, you will be creating custom thumbnails for YouTube videos. You need no experience to get started. To get started one of the best tools you can use is Canva. It is extremely easy to use and you can create high-end custom thumbnails for YouTube videos very easily. When you start getting work you can take things to next level by upgrading to Canva pro.

How to start freelancing

There are a lot of websites that you can join to start your career as a freelancer like fiverr.com upwork.com perpleperhour.com. I am currently working on Upwork and Fiverr and I will recommend Fiverr to get started as it is very easy to use and you can get jobs very easily. I have achieved my financial freedom through freelancing you can also do so.

To learn more about freelancing I will recommend Hisham Sarvar who is a seasoned freelancer and is helping students learn freelancing through his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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There are tons of easy ways can make money online and with the help of the internet, nothing is difficult. You can use any method but in this article, I have mentioned the jobs only which I think are the easiest for students and beginners. Freelancing is a job you can do at your ease you can still manage your studies and keeping doing freelance work. All you need to do to create a profile on one of the platforms, list your services, sell those services to clients and start making money.

If you think there are more easy freelance jobs for college students that can help you make easy money online, share your ideas in the comment section, I would love to read your comments.

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